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Interglobal Translation - Professional translators

 Professional translations

    We translate your texts reliably, rapidly and at a reasonable price. All texts are translated by native-speaker translators working solely into their mother tongues. This guarantees our adherence to the highest standards of quality and the observance of language usage peculiar to the country in question.

 Internet service

    Our straightforward Internet service enables us to deal with your order by e-mail:

     You send us an e-mail with your text.
     We issue a quotation free of charge and without obligation, which we also send you by e-mail.
     If you are satisfied with our quotation, you send us an e-mail giving us the go-ahead.
     We send you our confirmation by e-mail.
     We send you both the finished translation and the invoice by e-mail – by mail text or as a mail attachment, as you prefer.

    You save valuable time and effort.

 Flexible order processing and invoicing

    However, you can of course place your order using “traditional“ methods: if required, you can send us your text by post or fax, and the finished translation and invoice can be returned in the same way. The translation can be delivered as hard copy, on diskette or on CD. The visual appearance of the translation is adapted to the layout of the original text.

 No minimum charge

    Do you only need a few sentences translated? We will translate your text regardless of its length.

 Proofreading service

    Perhaps you have already formulated your text and only need to give it a “final polish“? We also correct prepared texts at a lower charge.

 Weekend service

    It´s Friday afternoon, you´ve received an important enquiry from Germany and want to be the first to make your German business partner an offer on Monday morning? We will also translate your text over the weekend!

Simply send us your order by e-mail, fax or post. If requested, we will issue a quotation free of charge and without obligation.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail or fax, or give us a call!


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